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Nasawyia is a feminist organization devoted to achieving full equality for women in general and specific in the Middle-East and North-Africa through education and litigation. we want to make it also film production profite company
The organisation focuses on a broad range of women’s rights issues, including gender and racial discrimination, economic justice and pay equity, child marriage and female genital mutilation, honour killing, domestic violence and family law, marriage and family formation rights of same-sex couples, women’s health and body image, reproductive rights, women with disabilities, representation of women in the media and global feminist issues. We consist of 35 women activists and writers from Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Morocco. We have been working voluntarily since 2014 to raise awareness about the struggles women face around the world and also encourage women to break the boundaries and obtain their rights, through articles, researches and videos that we post on social media. We are all college graduates with degrees in translation, literature, science and philosophy. Through our work we criticize and analyse key issues related to women without censorship. We provide alternatives for a more humane and civilized society where women are treated equally. We call out oppressive practices and we also translate some of the most important articles about women’s issues from international media outlets. Seeing that we succeeded in our online writing and research project, we decided to take it a step further and begin helping women on the ground through a registered organisation.
The goals as this registered organisation are:
• To defend human rights in general and more specific on women rights in the Middle-East and North-Africa;
• Providing shelter and support for women who underwent domestic violence;
• Partner with organisations in the Middle-East and North-Africa that help women undergoing domestic violence and abusive relationship there or women fleeing for honour killing and child marriages;
• Help refugee women coming from the Middle East and North Africa especially those coming from war torn countries to integrate into the European society through enrolling them in social activities, lecturing them about their rights and raising their awareness about sexual harassment and abuse that they may be subject to in the refugee camps;
• Be able to produce movies and programs that will tackle many taboos in the Middle-East and North-Africa such as LGBT issues;
• Produce a newspaper that can reach women who do not have internet access and are not able to read our online work;
• Provide the resources and tools necessary for women to thrive in their communities and help making changes in the future of women through laborious lobbying, rallies, marches and conferences;

• Take action to bring women in the Middle East and North Africa into full participation in the mainstream of the society and to exercise all privileges and responsibilities thereof in a truly equal partnership with men through putting pressure on law makers in the region and through raising the voice of these societies to the global attention;
• Take action to help women in political prisons and women sentenced to death in the Middle-East and Africa by organising future rallies and demonstrations;
• Work on changing the repressive laws in the Middle-East and North-Africa that allow and justify child marriage, polygamy, FGM, honour killing and forced arranged marriage through hiring professional lawyers and law experts who can put pressure on the law makers to change their policies;
• Provide opportunities for young talented artists who want to use their art to tackle humanitarian issues but do not have the opportunity or are not accepted in their communities;
• Help creating job opportunities in the society through hiring youths;
• Correct the image of oriental women that the Western media installed in Dutch and Western minds through making documentaries on great and successful women from the Middle-East and North-Africa.

Presence on the internet:

Project Director:
Dareen Hasan. Born in Hama, Syria, 1979. An independent journalist, film director and artist who has a bachelor degree in Mass Media from Damascus University. She worked as a dance teacher for a private school in Damascus for 7 years while she was learning filmmaking online. She moved to the Netherlands after the war in Syria and worked as a journalist and editor for a year and a half in RNW “Radio Netherlands Worldwide”. She established her project (Nasawyia) in early 2014 as an NGO online organization dedicated to writing articles about women every day. She is the director of the film “Bread and Iron” that won two awards in Italy and the US and was nominated for 7 other awards. The film was financed by Dareen herself and it sheds light on the life of Syrian workers in Lebanon. The movie was screened in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and at Leiden University as part of a student project. Recently, Dareen has directed and produced another short film on domestic violence and it has received many accolades. Dareen lives in Haarlem, Netherlands since 2012.
Dareen J. Hasan

Mail dareenfilms@gmail.com

Dareen’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dareen.director?fref=ts
Some of Dareen’s Works:
• A link to “Bread and Iron”: https://vimeo.com/72991402
• a link of dareen short film about syrian refugee: 0000https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-uOz0qjkWM
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Trt5jlvRsg
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htRJaME48xU
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CSgy_HN_0Y

short clip against women domistec violance:

short clip to support syrian artist in Netherlands:

promotion to support syrian artist in Netherlands:

program to educate people about women achivements:

radio program to talk about women issues:

• Short animation on breast cancer : https://www.facebook.com/Nasawyia/videos/715178981958229/
• Short video about menstrual period: https://www.facebook.com/Nasawyia/videos/744747029001424/
• A link to Dareen’s paintings: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/dareen-jabery.html

Nasawyia film production’s projects:
A drama series titled by “Feminists”

30 episodes each episode’s duration is 35 minutes
3 months
we can make first pilote or demo to show the work quality
cost: 27000 for 10 short movies

It is a series of short movies dealing with a female character in the Refugee camps . strong women whom survifed the sea or the war after long journy and what they faced still. how they find great love sometimes in the journy. and how they still struggle to get their family into europ. young women who escapes from their abused forced husbened. or Isis.The short movies are based on true stories, 10 of them are about asylum and “refugee centers”, the refugee woman and her travel, adventure and her exposure to harassment. Each episode is about a new character and a different story at ages from 15 years up until 55 years. It highlights the different social strata of women, and their deep issues. Very bold

The goals of the series “Feminists”
1- Showing the identity of the strong brave girl, instead of the victim’s identity that is broadcasting by the Arabic media about the poor and liable woman.
2- Exposing the male-dominated society practices in many aspects: social, religious, cultural and psychological.
3- Representing the women that you would never hear or know about, because of intentionally exclude them by the male-dominated community, so they won’t be an example of the revolution and rebellion.
4- Encouraging other women to arouse the reality, not excepting it and rejecting it. Then quickly creating alternative solutions, that suits the woman as a conscious individual that has every right to live freely.
5- It will be the first arabic, eastern series of its kind in more than 200 years. As all movies and series, sexually objectify women and deal with them as part of the man’s assets.
6- The first series of its kind where the director, the staff and all the main characters are females playing their humanitarian, cultural and real role, without any exaggeration.
7- Creates a humanitarian culture in the minds of men them selves, about the importance of the woman’s role, and how they should support her, stand beside her, excepting her as an independent individual, and stop worrying of losing his profits at the expense of her.
8- Creates believing people in the women’s rights issues. And answering a lot of questions coming to our page daily about our cause, and the sexual psychological problems facing women in our community.

A documentary series titled “Noun al-neswa”
30 episodes each episode’s duration is 40 minutes
we can make pilote or demo to show the quality of my work

A series tells the story of women in the refugee centers. After the growing proportion of harassment, and the increase of violation against women in the refugee centers, the government decides to assign policewomen in the refugee centers, to reverse roles and to force men to respect women. Then assign 5 characters different from each other, that have courage, rebellion and intelligence. These characters are hated by many in the refugee centers because of their liberation and their talk about women’s rights. Here starts an episode each time they stop a rapist or a harasser, educate the refugees sexually and psychology, fight the religious propaganda in the center, and spread the culture of accepting the other. A black comedy that exposes the behavior of clerics and politicians in suppression women, exposes the racism of refugees towards each other, end helps a lot of women to be brave and stop men at their place. For example, there is an episode about a man who wants to marry off his 14 years old daughter in Turkey to a man who is 30 years older than her in the refugee center. Another episode about men and women fighting a woman who had been raped in prisons, isolating her refusing to talk to her, and trying to exploit her sexually. Each episode highlights the most important pains of women in the middle east, which haven’t change since arriving to Europe, based on true stories in the refugees center.

the goals :
1- Showing the brave feminist man who defends women in the refugee centers.
2- Clarifying that the causes of ignorance stem from the repressive, religious and political system that is widespread enormously, and how to create a humanitarian alternative culture.
3- It will also be the first series in the arabic world, where the woman is a policewoman, has the freedom to decide for her self and feminist defending other women.
4- Fighting the pattern where the woman is always the enemy of other women, and creating a new pattern in the Arabic world where the woman must support her female sisters.
5- Identifying and determining the racism behavioral patterns against women, and how to recognize, understand, fight and stop them.
6- Raise women’s awareness of their most important humanitarian rights, like the right to get a divorce, the right to refuse marriage, the right to travel and work and the right to live independently.
7- Showing the true reality of what is happening in the refugee centers, and how to encourage women to stop the aggressor and to stop any violation.

Syrian fragments
A one-hour feature film
3 month to be complete
A group of Syrian artists who fled their country and still have not had any opportunity to achieve their dreams or show their talents, since it puts their lives on the line because their opinions are in stark contrast with the political parties involved in the war. They live across the Netherlands in multiple refugee centers. They are singers, dancers, rappers, and musicians. They gather up to perform a collective work where each one gets to tell their story of fleeting. Some of them are straight, some are homosexual and transgendered, atheists and secularists. They all believe in the significance of art and its role in combating war. They gather in a theater performance and a video clip. They write songs on human rights and LGBT rights. They are 10 artists showing their films in a refugee center, at the Dam Square in Amsterdam, and in Rotterdam. They go on a long road trip to show that the Syrian youth are aware of the importance of coexistence, and the vitality of respecting the freedom of others and respecting art.

“Syrian fragments” film goals:
• Thank Netherlands and Dutch people for helping Syrian refugees.
• Create a Syrian art group to perform art and to produce humanitarian messages of struggle for Syrians inside
• Send a message of hope that Syrian continue to live and great happiness
• Encourage young talents to join the work team. Or do the same steps in Netherlands>
• Hire talented youth and provide teamwork boosting job opportunities
• Highlight the importance of volunteering and teamwork to Syrian themselves.
• Correct the image of Syrians that aligned media installed in Dutch minds
• Provide entertaining shows for Syrians in Refugee Centers
• make huge impact on Syrian as different Syrian with different religion. Sexual identity and political thoughts can work together for Syria.
• highlight the big role that art can play to fight the Hatred and reestablish the human matters between Syrians.
• the budget for this film is available